$442.65 Brunch at the Sea Shore Restaurant & Marina City Island NY USA

Corporate money, individual contributions and hard earned taxpayers money paying for: brunch for $442.65 at the Sea Shore Restaurant and Marina followed by dinner for $1,911.12 at Pepolino’s Restaurant in TriBeCa. A feast fit for a Czar!!!

Paid for with Corporate PAC money, individual donations and hard earned taxpayer money given by the New York City Campaign Finance Board.
Any taxpayers want to comment on this?  Let the NYC Campaign Finance Board know your opinions. Visit their website at nyccfb.info for contact info.

You can also notify the two current  Co-Chairs of the NY State Green Party at:

Michael O’Neill   917-825-3562  OR  chair2@gpny.org

Gloria Mattera   917-886-4538  OR  chair@gpny.org

There’s also Peter Levenia, Green Party Secretary  secretary@gpny.org

and Eric Jones, Green Party Treasurer  treasurer@gpny.org

The more people they hear from that corruption is wrong, the more likely it is that they will get the message that corruption is wrong.

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