Dinner at Pepolino’s for $1,911.12 for “Greens” Walt Nestler & Carl Lundgren paid for by tax money via the Campaign Finance Board, individual donations and corporate PAC “donation” money

“Green” Party Chairman Lundgren & “Green” Walt Nestler celebrated the taking of Corporate PAC money, small individual donations from “the little people” and hard earned taxpayers money from the NYC Campaign Finance Board’s 3-to-1 dollar to dollar matching program by spending these campaign donations on:

Brunch for $442.65 at the Sea Shore Restaurant and Marina on City Island followed by Dinner for $1,911.12 at Pepolino’s Restaurant in Tribeca. A feast fit for a Czar!!!
A $442.65 brunch followed by a $1,911.12 for dinner! How much food can 285 pound fat cat Green Party Chairman Carl Lundgren eat?
Visit the New York City Campaign Finance Board website to see these “Green” Party campaign “expenses” (expenses, get it, wink wink) listed (after the first click then go to the page with “S” and “P” entries for Sea Shore Restaurant & Marina & Pepolino’s): http://www.nyccfb.info/searchabledb/ExpenditureSearchResult.aspx?ec_id=2009&ec=2009&office_id=5-18&office=City+Council+District+%28%2318%29&cand_id=1342&cand=Nestler%2C+Walter+G
Check out the B page too with all the yacht club campaign “expenses” incurred (and paid for with hard earned taxpayer money via the CFB + that corporate PAC money + the individual donations from “the little people”.
When you’re donating to a “Green” Party candidate or “Green” Party Chairman (or when your tax money is given to “Greens” like these by the Campaign Finance Board), don’t you want your money being spent on brunch for $442.65 and dinner for $1,911.12? Don’t all taxpayers want their hard earned tax money going to “Greens” like Walk Nestler and the pro-apartheid Green Party Chairman Carl Lundgren gouging and engorging themselves at brunch for $442.65 followed by dinner for $1,911.12 at Pepolino’s? How much food can 2 guys eat?
Talk about scams: scamming individuals out of donations for a $442.65 brunch & $1,911.12 dinner AND scamming taxpayers out of their hard earned money via a Campaign Finance Board scam so that they could gouge and engorge themselves on a $442.65 brunch & a $1,911.2 dinner. A feast fit for a Czar!

Dinner for $1,911.12 paid for with Corporate PAC money, individual donations and hard earned taxpayer money given by the New York City Campaign Finance Board.  Any taxpayers want to comment on this?  Let the NYC Campaign Finance Board know your opinions. Visit their website at nyccfb.info for contact info.

You can also let these NY State Green Party People know your opinions on this matter by contacting them at:

917-825-3562  OR  chair2@gpny.org   (Michael O’Neill incoming Chair of the NYS Green Party)

917-886-4538  OR  chair@gpny.org  (Gloria Mattera  incoming Co-Chair of the NYS Green Party)

secretary@gpny.org  (NYS Green Party Secretary)

treasurer@gpny.org  (NYS Green Party Treasurer)

The more people they hear from that corruption is wrong, the more likely it is that they will get the message that corruption is wrong.

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