$1,911.12 dinner at Pepolino’s in TriBeCa / Link to listing of “Green” campaign “expenses” like dinner for $1,911.12 at Pepolino’s – A Feast Fit for a Czar!

Check out how “Green” Party candidate Nestler and Green Party Chairman Lundgren celebrated taking Corporate PAC money, small individual donations from “the little people” and hard earned taxpayers money from the NYC Campaign Finance Board’s 3-to-1 dollar to dollar matching program:

Brunch for $442.65 at the Sea Shore Restaurant and Marina on City Island in New York City (November 29th) followed by
Dinner for $1,911.12 at Pepolino’s Restaurant in Tribeca. A feast fit for a Czar!!! $1,911.12 for dinner! How much food can they eat?
Visit the New York City Campaign Finance Board website to see these “expenses” (expenses, get it, wink wink) listed: http://www.nyccfb.info/searchabledb/ExpenditureSearchResult.aspx?ec_id=2009&ec=2009&office_id=5-18&office=City+Council+District+%28%2318%29&cand_id=1342&cand=Nestler%2C+Walter+G
When you’re donating to a “Green” candidate, don’t you want to donate to brunch for $442.65 and dinner for $1,911.12? And don’t all taxpayers want their hard earned tax money going to “Greens” like Walk Nestler and Carl Lundgren gouging and engorging themselves at brunch for $442.65 followed by dinner for $1,911.12 at Pepolino’s?

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